NRI Appeal Day: Captain Ganesh Karnik to meet Karnataka CM

BJP's NRI Forum convener, Captain Ganesh Karnik
BJP's NRI Forum convener, Captain Ganesh Karnik(Twitter image @GaneshKarnik)

The BJP's NRI Forum convener, Captain Ganesh Karnik, is scheduled to meet Karnataka Chief Minister to solve the demands raised by the NRI Appeals Day campaign.

He shall be handing over a letter to Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on behalf of the state's NRIs explaining the demands raised through the NRI Appeals Day campaign.

Captain Karnik was instrumental in forming the Karnataka Government's NRI Forum a decade ago and was its first Deputy Chairperson.

Various Kannadiga NRI associations launched a Twitter campaign titled NRI Appeals Day on Sunday, demanding the appointment of a Deputy Chairperson for the NRI Forum of Karnataka. The post has been left vacant for more than four years now.

Talking to The NRI Nation, Captain Karnik agreed that there was a need to fill the post.

Particularly emphasizing the pressing problems of the state's NRIs, he stated that one area of concern is the difference in airfares between flights to the Gulf from Mangalore and those from Kerala. Another matter is the ungentlemanly treatment of the NRKs at the Mangalore airport.

Karnik explained that the problem of exploiting the Kannadiga NRIs by intermediaries and unjust confinement of NRKs abroad were the core issues that led to the formation of the NRI cell in 2008.

In response to a question about the NRI investments in the state, he said, "investment is the outcome of goodwill'. Carrying forward this statement, he added that the Deputy Chairperson at the NRI Forum could act as a goodwill ambassador both for the state government and the NRKs.

It stands to reason why the post of Deputy Chairman of the State NRI Forum left vacant for three years has become an eager topic of discussion for the second time on Twitter.

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