NRI Appeal Day Twitter campaign gains momentum among Kannada NRIs

NRI Appeal Day Twitter campaign gains momentum among Kannada NRIs

The global campaign via social media targeted at sensitizing the public and also the Government of Karnataka over the issue of filling the three-year-old vacant post of a deputy chairperson at the NRI forum of Karnataka has picked up speed, as is evident from a plethora of messages on Twitter.

Some tweets supporting this online movement remind the audience of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi rightfully labeling the NRIs as the country's brand ambassadors.

One went to the extent of terming the NRIs as the "global ambassadors" of the state, saying that taking care of Kannada NRIs means looking after brand Karnataka across the globe.

Tacitly giving credence to the above was the tweet that highlighted the state's significance for the entire country and called Karnataka a multiethnic state and a land of delicious cuisines that flourish many cultures and languages as it presents a "world of opportunities" to the global business domain.

The complaining Kannadiga NRI

Thus while some tweets talked about the importance of the campaign vis-à-vis the state, some were pretty vocal when they complained that none of the ruling parties have cared to give the nonresident Kannadigas their due. One posted of injustice and consequent "step-motherly" treatment given to the NRI Kannadigas.

And the state's NRIs were very firm on this front, as was clear from them being disenchanted with the already three-year-old long delay to redress not just one or two but multiple grievances.

Emotional Appeal to Chief Minister

There was a direct and blunt appeal to the Chief Minister without any catchy phrase. But, nevertheless, it hit the nail on the head. "Honourable CM, We had no representation in the past administration, and the same is being repeated under your able representation.'

It went on to request the Government to act without delay in appointing the needed "representative."

In a somewhat off-the-cuff remark came the tweet, which talked about a specific grievance awaiting timely redressal, subsequently signifying eagerly waiting for the vacant post to get suitably filled for the problem to resolve. It said that in hardly any time, the Kannadigas would become a "minority in the power center" of state politics. And it also stressed that all parties were overlooking the plea conveniently of the NRI Kannada who wants to return to India.

While emphasizing the pessimism of the Kannadiga, one post went overboard in saying, "The hardworking Kannadigas are always ignored." In an apparent bid to tell the Government that a lot depended on the Government's timely decision to fill the vacant post, @BavaAhmad tweeted, "…..we want our rights on time…."

Attempting to elicit responses while seeking to sensitize the public on the repercussions of the delay in filling the required post, thus trying to take the movement another step forward, the tweet by the CEO of Amaco Group of Companies labeled the forum as "kaput." The reasoning attached to this seemingly far-fetched remark was that the "woes of Kannadiga expats in the ME have worsened." summary via a quote

Hidayath Addoor, CEO, International Kannadigas Federation (@HidayathAddur)

"Nonresident Kannadigas play a pivotal role in the development of the state in varied capacities and an array of economic activities. The Government should reciprocate by giving its due for all those who work hard in faraway land and contribute to the development."


The political response to this cause was prompt as on the same day, the former chief spokesperson of the BJP in Karnataka, Capt Ganesh Karnik, while commending the "Twitter Abhiyan" called it a success and complimented the efforts that reflect "a genuine concern for a solution." Karnik, who incidentally is also the ex-Deputy Chairman of the NRI forum of Karnataka, gave his assurances via the Twitter platform to all concerned Kannadigas. He assured them that he shall at his level discuss the matter with the state's Chief Minister to figure out a way of settling it at the earliest' as a personal commitment."

It perhaps must not be left unsaid that the state of Karnataka is the technology hub of India attracting NRI investment. Therefore, resolving the issue on time and filling the post without further delay will only spell well for the country's economy.

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