Birmingham Marks the 8th International Yoga Day at Victoria Square

The celebrations began in Jan. 2022 with free Yoga classes, and the Indian Embassy co-hosted the additional 19+ Yoga sessions to promote spiritual discipline.
The Leader of Birmingham Group of Deputy Lieutenants, Simon Topman addresses the audience.
The Leader of Birmingham Group of Deputy Lieutenants, Simon Topman addresses the audience.The Consulate General of India in Birmingham
Yoga enthusiasts thronged the public square to eagerly promote the Yogic discipline.
Yoga enthusiasts thronged the public square to eagerly promote the Yogic discipline.The Consulate General of India in Birmingham
Yoga enthusiasts at the iconic Victoria Square celebrate the 8th edition of International Yoga Day in Birmingham, England.
Yoga enthusiasts at the iconic Victoria Square celebrate the 8th edition of International Yoga Day in Birmingham, England.The Consulate General of India in Birmingham

By Himani Bhatt

On June 21, the Consulate General of India in Birmingham marked the 8th International Day of Yoga (IDY) at the famous Victoria Square. Consul General Dr. Shashank Vikram, The Birmingham Group of Deputy Lieutenants Leader Simon Topman, and other officials commenced the celebration with the lamp lighting ceremony. Next, the dignitaries addressed the audience, following which Dr. Madhu Gowda administered the magnificent Yoga protocol session themed “Yoga for Humanity.” Yoga lovers from North England and Midlands swarmed the public square to observe the stunning reinvigorating session with the Indian Embassy. After the felicitation ceremony, the function ended with the final comments from the Head of Chancery, Hitesh Saxena.

Dr. Vikram delivered a rejuvenating speech inferring how Yoga has developed as one of the most significant mass campaigns to gain happiness and good health. Mainly in the pandemic-driven world, it has become an innovator in preserving both cognitive and physical welfare. He also underlined the special significance of this Yoga Day since it marks 75 years of India’s independence. Afterward, Topman got on stage to indicate Yoga’s pertinence in athletics, particularly considering the training for Commonwealth Games 2022.

Moreover, Central Birmingham honored the integrated living approach as Yoga enthusiasts sincerely performed Yoga asanas like Vrikshasana and Badhakonasana.

The Indian Embassy also felicitated Ashok Kumar, Ayurveda experts, and Dr. Poonam Gulia, Chief Physician at Dr. Ashok’s Ayurveda Clinic, to laud their remarkable assistance.

Yoga Sessions Across England

The Consulate General of India, Birmingham, arranged a monthlong event to commemorate the IDY with a string of uniquely organized Yoga sessions. It initiated the celebrations in January 2022 by launching free weekly Indian Yoga classes at the Consulate premises. To clarify, it helped people learn the different features of Yoga asanas and provided its accessibility to the general public in North England and Midlands. Although England conducted several functions for a month, the main festivity was scheduled at Victoria Square.

In addition, the Consulate General of India co-hosted over 19 additional Yoga sessions with various establishments in North England and the Midlands. Let’s go through the chronological sequence of such gatherings convened throughout England,

1. May 9: George Dixon Academy coordinated a special rejuvenation session with teachers and staff members in Birmingham.

2. June 11: The University of Leeds held a Yoga session with active engagement from the Leeds populace.

3. June 12: A Yoga session was arranged with the associate Indian organization in Leeds. It benefited a group of senior-aged Britishers living in the Yorkshire district’s well-known care home, Keighley, at Norwood House.

  • The active Lincolnshire community partnered with the Indian Consulate to present a revival session at the Boston Stump.

4. June 14: In association with the University of Birmingham India Institute, the Indian Embassy organized a revitalizing session for the sportsperson and academicians at the University of Birmingham’s Sports Center.

· The Brahmakumaris of Leicester partnered with the Indian Embassy for Yoga celebrations at Harmony House in the city.

5. June 18: IDY celebrations are held at the Sant Nirankari Mission on Wednesbury.

6. June 19: The Leeds community engaged in Yoga sessions at one of the largest city parks across Europe, the Roundhay Park.

· The Indian Association Manchester collaborated with the Indian Embassy to conduct a Yoga practice session at the MediaCityUK.

· In collaboration with the Indian Embassy, the British Organization for People of Asian Origin (BOPA) members participated in a yoga session before the Romantic Canal basin in Coventry.

7. June 20: An awe-inspiring Yoga session was held in the garden of Shakespeare Birthplace Trust at the charming Stratford Upon Avon.

· The Walsall Cricket Club witnessed a unique Kundalini Yoga session for young players.

· At the Green amazing Walton Park Sale in Manchester, the Vedic Organization for Indian Culture and Education (VOICE) conducted a refreshing session.

· Yogis from the Ayurveda clinic in Birmingham performed Asanas in the Gandhi Peace Center of Shri Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple, Tividale in Dudley.

· With the support of Sky Yoga Group, Lancashire witnessed multiple Yoga events, including Roundtable — Yoga 360, Yoga for Health and Peace, and an exclusive event on Yoga and World Peace.

8.June 23: In partnership with the Indian diaspora in Liverpool, the exemplary Albert Docks and Liver Building witnessed a Yoga session.

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