Iceland International Yoga Day 2022—Blend of Fitness and Greenery

Iceland also witnessed many Yoga awareness programs throughout the Yoga week at various prime locations to foster a sense of inner peacefulness and contentment.
Yoga Enthusiasts performing Asasanas at the Botanical Garden.
Yoga Enthusiasts performing Asasanas at the Botanical Garden. Indian Embassy in Iceland
Yoga Enthusiasts at the Reykjavik City Hall.
Yoga Enthusiasts at the Reykjavik City Hall. Indian Embassy in Iceland

By Himani Bhatt

The Indian Embassy in Iceland celebrated International Yoga Day (IDY) on June 21 with exceptional enthusiasm and passion at the Reykjavik Botanical Garden. IDY has been commemorated since 2015 and had the theme of “Yoga for Humanity” for its 8th edition. Moreover, the Icelandic community and yoga enthusiasts participated in various events throughout the Yoga week to experience the inner sphere of physical consciousness.

In partnership with Grasagardur Reykjavikur, the Embassy celebrated IDY at the Green House Café, Floran Garden Bistro in Reykjavik Botanical Garden. The yoga practitioners meditated and practiced some asanas at the heart of the greenery and flower collections.

The Embassy also organized an event on June 20 at the Reykjavik City Hall. Reykjavik’s City Council President, acting Mayor, Einar Thorsteinsson, and many yoga enthusiasts from Icelandic and Indian communities, including elders and kids, attended the event. It also promoted numerous Yogic habits and exercises to boost energy, resilience, and balance. Reiterating the importance of Yoga, Thorsteinsson said, “Yoga helps us to stop and take time to look inward and find peace and accept the world as it is, in all its beauty.”

Yoga Awareness programs in Iceland

The Indian Embassy in Iceland has been organizing various yoga awareness programs during the Yoga week, thus, testifying to its admiration across the country. Many Indians and Icelanders earnestly joined these programs held at prime spots to advocate for the Yogic discipline.

On June 15, the Indian Embassy conducted a unique illustration on Yoga for aged people at Gerduberg Library in Reykjavik. Here, the elderly citizens practiced short breathing methods and yoga postures with chair workouts to improve mucosal immunity. Additionally, the Yoga instructor chanted the Sanskrit slogans during meditation and elucidated its meaning to the participants.

As a forerunner to the significant IDY Event, the Indian Embassy also held an observational Yoga session at Hafnarfjordur Library on June 14. The meeting analyzed the advantages of meditation and Yoga for aligning the heart and head to impart harmony and well-being. Additionally, the participants performed different asanas, including Vrikshasana, Natrajasana, and Shishuasana.

The oxararfoss waterfall at Thingvellir National Park also became a part of the magnificent Yoga week’s ongoing commemorations. Reveling in the natural beauty, yoga enthusiasts gracefully performed many postures inspiring millions of people worldwide to embrace this 5000-year-old tradition from India. More such events occurred at the country’s most treasured and majestic Gullfoss Waterfall and the iconic Kerid volcanic Crater Lake, also called the eye of the world.

Free Yoga Classes in Iceland

On June 24, the Indian Embassy issued a photo of an authorized document on its official Instagram account mentioning the commencement of free Yoga classes in Iceland from July 1. The Indian Yoga teacher, C G Shinde will train the students in 2 slots, 7:00-8:00 hrs and 17:00-18:00 hrs. Interested participants may enroll for the session at

The Embassy will organize the classes 5-days per week for entrants ranging from beginner to Advance level and Therapy and Ashtanga. In place of the regular classes, the Embassy will conduct a discussion on Yoga’s conceptual framework every 2nd and 4th Wednesday from 17:00-18:00 hrs. The session will cover the anatomy, physiology, and philosophy of Yoga. Similarly, Sanskrit and Hindi language classes will be conducted from 7:00-8:00 hrs.

Irrespective of the difference in population density and distance, India and Iceland have always shared an alliance based on mutual interests and values. Most importantly, Iceland wasone of the nations co-championing India’s resolution at the United Nations (UN) to designate June 21 as the International Yoga Day.

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