First-ever Ganga Maa Temple Inaugurated in Guyana

First-ever Ganga Maa Temple Inaugurated in Guyana
High Commissioner of India to Guyana, H.E. Dr. K.J. Srinivasa, inaugurates the first ever Ganga Maa Temple in Guyana.Credit: High Commission of India, Georgetown

Situated on the serene land of Craig, East Banks of Demerara River, the first-ever Ganga Maa temple was inaugurated at Good Success in Guyana. Indian High Commissioner to Guyana, K.J. Srinivasa, inaugurated the first-ever Ganga Maa Temple on 21st November, 2021 . The temple, built by Guyana Divya Jyoti Association exemplifies beauty, elegance, and the divine message of peace and unity.

The inaugural ceremony was attended by the Indian and Guyanese Commission with Dr. KJ Srinivasa as the Guest of Honor. He encouraged everyone to visit this historic site, a tourist attraction while creating a safer space for Hindus to perform their offerings. He also pledged his support to the enhancement of Indian culture.

The Ganga Maa Temple adds to the many temples that already exist in Guyana. But what makes this temple unique is the space where it is located. Here, devotees can make offerings at the east bank of the Demerara River along with deities like Lord Hanuman, Lord Ganesha, and Shivlinga in and around the temple.

Around 25% of the people in Guyana follow Hinduism, which is the highest percentage in the Western Hemisphere. The temple is indeed a great tribute to the Indian Diaspora in Guyana, said the Indian High Commissioner Dr. KJ Srinivasa. The Ganga Maa Temple had held an event under Maha Mandaleshwar Hanumandas from India. Pandit Mahindranath Doobay from the U.S., assisted by Pandit Surendra Tiwari from Guyana, performed the prayer ceremony.

Attendees at the inaugural ceremony of Ganga Maa Temple.
Attendees at the inaugural ceremony of Ganga Maa Temple.Credit: High Commission of India, Guyana

Since 1972, the cultural diversity exhibited by India and Guyana has strengthened the cultural relations and mutual understanding between both nations. Also, with the strong presence of the Indian Diaspora, Guyana is well introduced to Indian films and songs, especially Bollywood films, which are very popular.