About Us

The NRI Nation is a digital news publication dedicated to serving the Non-Resident Indian (NRI) population worldwide. Currently incubating at the Harvard Innovation Lab, we are on a mission to provide thought-provoking and informative journalism that explores the diverse experiences of Indians living abroad.

We believe that the Indian diaspora represents a unique and important perspective on the world and that their voices deserve to be heard. Whether you're living in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, or elsewhere, we strive to bring you the latest news and analysis that matters to you and your community.

At The NRI Nation, we're committed to delivering high-quality journalism that is both accurate and engaging. We highlight the developments and perspectives from Indian communities throughout the diaspora and serve as a global focal point for the NRI world. Our team of experienced journalists and editors work tirelessly to uncover stories that are relevant, insightful, and thought-provoking. Whether it's covering politics, business, culture, or lifestyle, we always strive to approach our subject matter with depth, fairness, and a commitment to excellence.

The Team

Nikita Roy, Founder and CEO

Nikita is a Master of Liberal Arts, Data Science candidate at Harvard University and a graduate of the University of Toronto. She began incubating The NRI Nation at Harvard Innovation Labs in 2021 with the aim to build a news platform that amplifies the voice of the Indian diaspora. She is currently the community lead of the Indo-Pacific founders subcommunity at Harvard Innovation Labs and a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists. She was invited to speak at the journalism roundtable at the True Costs of Misinformation workshop 2022 at the Harvard Kennedy School's Shorenstein Centre on Media, Politics and Policy. Nikita is a lifelong NRI. She was born and brought up in Bahrain, moved to Toronto for her undergraduate studies and now spends time between the US and Canada.

The NRI Nation